Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Adventures in Arkansas: Part 2

 Our second night in Arkansas, Alanna lost her first tooth!!  I pulled it "while trying to wiggle it" and it came right out.  She and I were both equally shocked and amazed.  We laughed and laughed!
 I kept telling her that I could not handle her with that hole in her mouth!  TOO CUTE!!  Alanna told Nana to look really closely and she could see the back of her throat.  HAHA!
 Alanna left a note for the Tooth Fairy under pillow asking if she could keep this first tooth to take home to show her dad.  She also asked for a cupcake or a lollipop!  HAHA!!  The Tooth Fairy left her a tiny note telling her she could keep this tooth to take home and show her dad, but the next one she was going to take.  She also got $4 (one was folded into a basket full of skittles), a lollipop, a chap stick, and a little nail polish.

The Tooth Fairy had to explain that a cupcake just wouldn't fit under her pillow. =)
My dad also gave her a dollar, so she ended up with $5 for her first tooth!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Adventures in Arkansas:

 Papa bought Alanna flowers. She was thrilled!
 Cousin Lydia came!!  
The girls had such a fun time together.  I love that they are both old enough to have fun together.  Oh the conversations they had!

 Alanna LOVED dressing up and getting ready for each day.  Nana usually have her some lip gloss or sparkles on her cheeks. =)

 Alanna came up with this GREAT plan to have a birthday party for Papa's dog Nickie.  She planned the whole thing out and Nana, even though she is not a dog lover, got us dog plates and napkins and helped Alanna make puppy chow all for Nickie's birthday.
 These are Nickie's birthday gifts!  Doesn't she just look overjoyed?!?  LOL!  Alanna sure was!
 Lastly, Alanna held Nickie while we sang "Happy Birthday" to her.  Alanna had the best time!!  Good thing it was Nickie's birthday while we were visiting Arkansas!! (wink wink)

 The good news about homeschooling, is that school travels with us to Arkansas!  Every morning we woke up and did our school work.  The first week we were there, we studied about the country of China.  We found out how they created porcelain and how delicate it is.  We also discovered how they grew tea leaves and how one man figured out that if you put them in hot water, they made tea!  This called for a tea party with Nana!!
 Pinkies up!
We added cookies too...which had nothing to do with china....but they just go with tea!

To be continued...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Going to Arkansas:

 On the plane and ready to go!

 She was just a tiny bit excited!  HAHA.  She doesn't remember her first time to fly, so this was her "first time".  The man next to us fell asleep during take off and woke back up after we landed.  Three and half hours in all.  He was a GREAT seat mate.  LOL!!!
 She was thrilled to watch movies while we were in the air!  Who needs a carry on full of entertainment when the airplane has My Little Pony on repeat. (again...a three and half hour flight....)
 On our second flight, she got a window seat!  This was the best thing for her.  She narrated each thing she saw outside and didn't even notice that this tiny puddle hopper didn't have a TV.
While we were taking off, the stewardess told us to take out the safety cards to review them.  Alanna promptly pulled hers out and read it from cover to cover.  She was AMAZED that our seats could be used in the water as flotation devices.  I think she was kind secretly hoping to try it out.  THANK GOD we didn't. =)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Elsa and Anna:

Alanna got to meet Elsa and Anna and she was SO thrilled!