Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What I HATE Wednesday...

I'm changing it up a bit today.  
Usually it's what I LOVE on Wednesdays but today it's what I HATE.
Footy pajamas are completely adorable on children.
In fact, some days I can't get enough and let Alanna stay in them until lunch time.  Shhh...don't tell. 
See....completely and adorably scrumptious.  

Footy pajamas for adults???
Just plain CREEPY!!!

I HATE these.  

Dear Target, 
I have always thought you were the coolest store.  But seeing these today made me wonder if you are loosing your cool points.  Please get rid of these pronto. 


Let me leave you with a cute little picture of Alanna so  you won't have nightmare of the last one I posted. (shiver)


Today I am thankful for Christmas lights.  Everyone in Texas does 'em up big!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Talk for Tuesday...

Can you believe it is almost December?!?
Where did 2010 go?

I am baffled.
I have decided to compile a top ten list for 2010.
The top ten things that happened for the Browns.
#1 being that we survived the first year of being parents.  HOORAY!  That's big...like BIG BIG. 
Then I will come up with a top ten goal list for 2011.
If you don't set goals, you don't have anything to work towards.
#1 will be to potty train my child!!  
Oh boy...well girl actually. =)

Oh and since this post is turning out to be totally random...

I already have my Friday Funnies story for this week.  
Stay tuned...you won't want to miss this one...

Today I am thankful for the show 'Hoarders'.  It inspires me to clean my house each and every episode.

Monkey Monday...

Alanna is VERY busy most days.
She has many important phone calls to make.
Sometimes she has to use them both at the same time.
I wonder how busy she will be when she is 2???
P.S. We are just about half way there!  *tears*
Today I am thankful for coffee.  LOTS and LOTS of coffee!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Friday Funnies...

I am at the bank to see about opening up a new checking account.
I have to go in the manager  guy's little office. 
It's seriously the size of a postage stamp. 

He is talking to me about the different types of accounts they have when all of a sudden Alanna rips a HUGE fart!!!

I wanted to say "that wasn't me" but I couldn't make any noise come out of my mouth.  He obviously heard it but was trying VERY hard to stay professional and keep going like nothing happened.

At that moment...Alanna busted out laughing and said "poo poo!"
He and I both cracked up and at that moment, the appointment was over.
And by the way, she was right.

Today I am thankful for Buffalo Wild Wings.  It was our Thanksgiving meal.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Today I am reminded to be thankful.

I am thankful for a Savior.  
I am thankful that He loves me no matter what.

I am thankful for my family.
I am thankful for a husband that provides for me so that I get the privilege of staying home with my daughter.
I am thankful for a beautiful, smarty pants, and healthy little red head that melts my heart daily.

I am thankful for the country we live in and the men and women that give their lives daily for that freedom.

I think we should be thankful every single day of the year.  Instead of putting my usual tag at the end of my blog of "something super and something rotten"  everyday; I think I will change that to something I am thankful for everyday.

P.S. YAY...Christmas is SOO close now!!
 I am thankful for a good job that brought my hubby and I to Texas.

What I love Wednesday...

I'm alive!  I didn't die and everything stayed inside me today!  I know, TMI...but it's my blog and I can say what I want.  HA!
On a side note...Alanna got a good report from her teacher today!  She said she is a great baby and fun to have in class.  She goes once a week.
I'm so proud.
So....this is what I am loving lately.

(boo...it won't let me put the picture)

Seriously.  Have you tried it?  
It's AMAZING!  (thanks mom)

Go buy it.  Today.
Something Super:  Christmas is almost here!
Something Rotten:  Cavities...UGH!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm falling behind!!!

I was sick as a dog last night and thought I might die.

The good news is...I'm alive and everything is staying inside of me today.  (TMI!)

I had a recipe that I wanted to share today but nothing sounds good and I can't eat, so typing a recipe makes me feel sick.  Sorry.

Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.

Something Super:  I didn't die last night! =)

Something Rotten:  Garlic shrimp is NOT good the second time around!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Monkey Monday...

Something Super:  We found a GREAT Mexican place here!
Something Rotten:  The dryer stopped working and we had to buy a new one.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Friday Funnies...

This story might be TMI for some folks.

Alanna follows me everywhere these days and I mean EVERYWHERE!
Lately, she's been imitating my every move as well.
SO....she finds a pantyliner in my room a few days ago and proceeds to peel the backing off of it. She marches right up to me and lifts my shirt and sticks it on my stomach.

The funny part is...she clapped for herself when she was finished.  =)  
For the record, I have never clapped for myself.  I don't know where she got that part.

Something Super: I am putting up the Christmas tree this weekend!!
Something Rotten:  Alanna is getting four teeth at the same time.  This means very little sleep.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'M BACK!!!!

We can now resume our regularly scheduled program.

We are happy to be in Texas and finally feel like we are getting settled.  It's been a rough road here but the good news is...we are here!! 

I have successfully found a "mommy club", Mothers Day Out program (seriously check it out), and we are on the hunt for a good church.

I will leave you with a picture.
We found this little greasy spoon here called "Charcoal House".  
Alanna was waiting for her grilled cheese.

Something Super:  YAY...we have internet and cable!!
Something Rotten:  The roaches in Texas are HUGE!  Don't ask how I know this...

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Thank you to my Hubby for serving and for picking me to walk beside you.
 P.S. Doesn't he just look so good in this uniform?!?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Take a look Tuesday...

Long story short...
We are not in our house yet and having to stay in a hotel.  YUCK!
I have something cute to share though.  
Alanna got to fly for the first time.  She did SO good.
She was with my parents, Nana and Papa.

 I love how she can't even look at the camera.
She's so nosy.

Pointing and looking at something.  I love it.
Finally passed out from all the excitement.

She slept the whole flight!!  
One hour and 42 minutes.  Good girl. 
Something Super:  We are finally in Texas!
Something Rotten:  Our stuff is still in Indiana.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Trails Tuesday...

Well, blog world, or all 5 of you that read my blog......

The Browns are relocating to TEXAS. 
I am signing off the ol' blog until we move and get settled in.

Goodbye Indiana...

I will leave you with a picture of our dog's Halloween costume.  It was pretty good for a dog.


Something Super:  Had the best omelet in the world this morning.
Something Rotten:  My baby is in Arkansas for two whole days without me.


Something Super:  Moving to TEXAS this week!!
Something Rotten:  Nana & Papa leave today.  =(