Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Going to Arkansas:

 On the plane and ready to go!

 She was just a tiny bit excited!  HAHA.  She doesn't remember her first time to fly, so this was her "first time".  The man next to us fell asleep during take off and woke back up after we landed.  Three and half hours in all.  He was a GREAT seat mate.  LOL!!!
 She was thrilled to watch movies while we were in the air!  Who needs a carry on full of entertainment when the airplane has My Little Pony on repeat. (again...a three and half hour flight....)
 On our second flight, she got a window seat!  This was the best thing for her.  She narrated each thing she saw outside and didn't even notice that this tiny puddle hopper didn't have a TV.
While we were taking off, the stewardess told us to take out the safety cards to review them.  Alanna promptly pulled hers out and read it from cover to cover.  She was AMAZED that our seats could be used in the water as flotation devices.  I think she was kind secretly hoping to try it out.  THANK GOD we didn't. =)

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