Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Funnies:

1.  Alanna keeps asking for us to buy a "woosta" (rooster) and I have no idea why!  (I told her they live on farms and that we don't have a farm, so we can't have a rooster.  Same with cats.  They live on farms.  Too bad.)

2.  I let Alanna take a shower with me for the first time this week and it was WAY too many questions and observations.  Won't be doing that again any time soon. (All she still knows is that she has a front bottom and a back bottom.  She's two, it's gonna stay that way a while.)

3.  I know I have more but I just can't remember then by Friday!

Have a nice weekend!  

Thursday, June 28, 2012

How Many Friends Does It Take?

 Alanna has always slept with a special lovey since she was little.  That number has grown over the last year.

Now we have 7 friends that we HAVE to find every night.  Stinker, Kitty Kat, Baby Mao, Sweet Pea, Harley, Puppy Bella, and Hopey.

This cracks me up because I was the same way when I was little.  I'll post a picture soon.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Waste Of Money, Happy Kid: know those dumb ride on machines outside of Wal-Mart?  Alanna always begs to ride them on the way in/out.  I always tell her they are a waste of money or that we don't have time.  In steps Nana and Papa.  They sent her a card with two dollars in it this week and told her she could spend it on anything she wanted.  Let me just say, she has thought of SEVERAL things she wants!  HAHA! (One being a rooster.  A live cock-a-doodle-doo one.  Silly girl.)

Fast forward a few days and we found ourselves in Wal-Mart again and Alanna begged to ride the little horse.  I said no, but then she reminded me that she had two dollars of her own to spend.  Okay, so I let her put the quarters in and sat her up on the horse.  Nothing happened.  Boo...we just wasted the money and the machine was broken. =(  Her little face was so sad.  She asked if she could try the claw machine instead.  I think those are even MORE of a waste of money, but her little face was so sad, so I caved.  I put the money in and positioned the claw over the tallest and closest looking animal.  I let her push the button and guess what?  

First time in my life to ever win at a claw machine.  The picture above is her cheap little 'made in china' bear that she is thrilled to death to have. LOL!
 And in case anyone is wondering, I told someone inside the door that the horse didn't work and they said 'yes, it hasn't been working for several weeks now."  ARGH!  Can't anyone hang an out of order sign?!?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Basket O' Fun:

Last week, we thought Alanna had the chicken pox (turns out she didn't) so I kept her home all week long.  Guys, we SERIOUSLY got cabin fever and started going stir crazy!!!  Daddy is out of town, so it was just she and I, 24/7, with no where to go and nothing to do.  I'm surprised I have hair left.

Alanna came up with this fun little game and it made me laugh.  She tied her jump rope to a laundry basket and drug that thing around the house for hours!!  I still don't know to this day how she got that rope tied.  I think she just wrapped it over and over and over and it just stayed.  Anywho, she had all of her 'friends' in there, my flip flops, some books, a sword, her pail and shovel, sunglasses, and who knows what else.  
 When she got bored of this game, Mommy thought of a brilliant one all on her own!  Let's go back through the house and put everything away where it goes!  WOO!  I even set the timer to see if we could do it in under 5 minutes.  Thankfully we made it. ;)
 Blog didn't post yesterday...ugh.  
Be sure to go back and check it out!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Monkey Monday:

Alanna hopped up on my laundry basket, yelled "attention everyone", sang a quick song, got down, and took a bow while saying 'thank you, thank you!"  

HAHA!  It was SO funny.
 boo........this didn't post.....AGH!!!!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Funnies:

1. Alanna will do something nice, like bring me a flower from the yard, and then say "Mom, that was sweet of me."  She does this ALL THE TIME.  

2.  When Alanna was in the pool, she leaned back and put her head in the water and said "Ahhhh, this feels nice and healthy!"

3.  While grocery shopping, we went down an aisle and it kinda stunk.  Alanna looked around and said, "Okay, who tooted?"

4.  While in the car with Nana and Papa, the adults were talking and Alanna was singing some little song.  All of a sudden, she speaks up and said "What?  That's rediculus!!" (I know it's spelled wrong, but that's how she says it.)

Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

You Wanna Touch A Skunk?:

I just love our little nature center we have here.  It's tiny, like 3 rooms tiny, but it's neat none the less.

This last time they let us pet the skunk!!

Who can say they've touched a skunk?  Me, Alanna, and Nana can!  It was really soft and felt just like a cat.  This one had been rescued as a small....cub?  No, pup?  Eh, I don't know what a small skunk is but it was little and raised like a pet. (de-scented of course)  Such a cool experience.

Alanna had talked ALL WEEK LONG about how she was gonna teach Papa to be brave and touch a snake.  She kept telling him that he was scared and that she would hold his hand.  WELL.....we get there and they bring out the snake and she QUICKLY changed her tune.  She wanted nothing to do with that snake.  Papa ended up touching it all on his own to try to get Alanna to touch it and she would have no part of it.

In the car, on the way home, she said "Papa, You were brave all by yourself and I didn't even have to teach you! YAY!" as she clapped her little hands.  It was so funny.  I guess her snake days are over.
That's totally okay by me! ;)


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

An Indoor Jungle!!

This kid just cracks me up!  Today we were at Sams Club and Alanna spotted some trees on a pallet.  She excitedly pointed and yelled "LOOK MOM, I FOUND A JUNGLE!!!"  Haha!!

We were there fairly early so there weren't many people there, however, there was an elderly couple near by and they laughed out loud as they walked by.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Learning To Swim:

 This was Alanna's first time to be in a pool that was bigger than a shallow kiddie pool. 
She LOVED it!
Nana and Papa took turns helping her 'swim' back and forth.  After a few minutes she got the hang of it. Now she's just a regular fish. :) 
(with floaties of course!)
This picture above cracks me up, because Alanna's feet were kicking above the water and Papa was getting splashed!  HAHA!

Thanks to Nana and Papa for our new fun pool!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Alanna's New BFF:

Alanna pulled up two chairs to the computer table and said that "Puppy Nickie wanted to watch a movie with her."  I told her it was okay, figuring that she would just hold her in her lap.  NOPE!
 She put the dog next to her on her own chair and guess what?!?  She stayed that way for a good 30 minutes!!  We all were laughing so hard!  She loves this silly dog and carries her around every waking second of the day.  

Speaking of silly dog.  
Look how she fell asleep today... 
Legs out, head down, rear up in the air!  HAHAHA!!!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Papa's Puppy Nickie:

All Alanna has cared about since Nana and Papa got here is this silly puppy.  She loves her and drags her everywhere she goes.  She made her watch cartoons with her this morning and it was too cute.  As soon as she wakes up from her nap, she RUNS to the living room to find "Puppy Nickie."  

When it was time to run an errand, Alanna snuck away and put Nickie on her bed!  When we asked where she was, she said "I put her on my bed so no one can get her!"  She has also put her on the table to try to get her to eat with her, and she put her on the TV stand so that she could watch TV.  OH MY!

She often carries her like a baby and pats her bottom and tells her "shhhhhh" because she is her baby.  I told her to say hi to Asha and be sweet to her because she missed her buddy.  Alanna turned to Asha and pointed her finger and said "go lay in your bed mutt!"  I guess she's chopped liver now.

More pics to come tomorrow...

Monday, June 11, 2012

Family Picnic:

Alanna wanted us to have a family picnic, but it was 102* outside.  So.......we put a sheet on the floor and had one inside instead. =)  She was THRILLED that the dog could join us.  And as you can see, our guest of honor was Mickey Mouse.

I think we will make this our new Friday night dinner tradition!  YAY!!


Monkey Monday:

Friday, June 8, 2012

 Friday Funnies:

For Alanna's last week of school, I wanted to make some cupcakes for her and her friends.
(also Mamaw was coming and Alanna wanted her to come to her class!)

So, I went to pinterest and found the cutest idea for cupcakes made in ice cream cones.

The only problem was, mine went terribly, terribly, wrong!!!  I blame the frosting not setting up like it was supposed to.  And the Texas heat!  Yeah, that's what it was. ;)
 I wondered if they were as bad as I thought they were, so I showed them to Alanna. The first thing out of her mouth was that they looked like 'POO POO CONES!"  NOT something I wanted to take to a class of 2-3 year olds!  She and I couldn't stop laughing!!!  I texted a picture to several people to get their reactions and got the SAME thing.  It's official....I made poo poo cones!

Thankfully daddy saved the day!  He went out at 9pm to get me some sprinkles.  Did you know that the Dollar Store AND Family Dollar AND the gas station don't carry sprinkles?!?  I tore through my cabinets hoping to find some sprinkles and guess what?!?  I found some from Alanna's last birthday in the very very back.  Surely sprinkles don't have expiration dates, right?!? 
 I smoothed them out and covered them in sprinkles and they ended up being okay.  WHEW!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our Friend Alejandro in Honduras:

 Alanna has a little friend named Alejandro that lives in Honduras.  His mom and I met on an online mommy forum when we were pregnant.  We've been great friend ever since.  From time to time we send packages to each other.  Here he is blowing his bubbles that we sent.
 Alanna picked out this outfit to send him too.  She was SO excited that it had a soccer ball on it.  His mom loves getting to shop for a girl and I love getting to shop for a boy. 
 He loves his cars book and crayons we sent, and I love that he only colored their teeth! =)
We hope that some day we will get to meet in person and let the kiddos play together!!
We love you Auntie Iris and Alejandro!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gracie's Water Slide:

 Our friend Gracie had a splish splash birthday party complete with a fun water slide.  Last year another friend had a party with a water slide and Alanna wanted NOTHING to do with it.  She really hates getting water in her eyes. 

For a good 15 minutes, she would just stand in the pool part and splash around.  Until she saw her friends going down the slide and having fun.  She decided to give it a try.

She LOVED it and wanted to go again and again and again!  YAY!
Then she dried off by jumping on the trampoline with a sweet little friend.  It was a fun party!

 It was just the cutest thing to see all the little girls sitting at the table waiting for the cake to come.
 I'm so thankful she has such great friends here in Texas and will be super sad when it's our time to leave.  

But let's not think about that now....

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Daddy around three years old.

 Alanna almost three years old.

I just can't get over it.  

Someone at a play group today asked me if she was mine.  THEN a friend asked me to hold her daughter with brown hair while she went to the restroom and a friend I haven't seen for awhile thought she was mine and said "I had NO IDEA you had another baby!"  HA!

I just love my red headed family.  It's perfect. :)