Sunday, April 20, 2014

Monkey Monday:

Please excuse me while my blogging takes a back seat for last week and next week.  Nana and Papa were in town and now we are looking forward to a week with Mamaw.  Many pictures to come!

Oh, and I'm getting my wisdom teeth out next week. =/  UGH!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Funnies:

Alanna and I walked into my dentist's office and she immediate saw the magazines and ran over to find one to read.  She pointed to the top and said "These girls are NOT being modest, Mom!!!!"  Before she could say anything about boobies, I sat her down and whispered to her that she was right. =)  Then I promptly got up and turned them around.  
I love this girl.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cut, Cut, Cut:

This girl LOVES to cut. 
I gave her ten pieces of construction paper and she cut them all up into confetti size pieces.  Haha.  It kept her busy for a good hour!  I don't know why I hadn't thought of this sooner!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Brownie Face:

ME: "Alanna, did you enjoy that brownie?"
Alanna: "Mom, I licked the plate!"

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dogsitting Diaries:

To Alanna's great pleasure, and to Cie-J's great dismay, I agreed to dog sit for a friend who had to leave town quickly for a funeral.  There is not much in this life that my husband dislikes more than Yorkies.

Meet Maggie...
and Rambo....
...the Yorkies.

Cie-J was thrilled er, I mean less than thrilled to see these little muts in our house.  In fact, I caught him doing this:

Alanna was SO EXCITED that we had little dogs that could sit in her lap!  She literally sat and held these dogs all weekend long!!
This is Thursday night when we got them.  They were happy to sit up on the couch because there was a 70lb dog waiting for them on the floor.  Haha.

This is Friday.  They loved the attention from Alanna and she loved the job of petting and taking care of them.  She fed them and let them out.  She was a big help.

 This is Saturday morning in jammies.  I barely got her away from them to eat breakfast.  She loves bacon, but I think these Yorkies are a close second to bacon. =)

Here is Sunday.  See?  I meant the word literal when I said that she sat with these dogs all weekend.  My girl is a dog lover.  She said she wants to own 5 when she is an adult. OH MY!

Sadly for Alanna, and happily for the adults, the dogs had to go home on Sunday night.  I told Alanna to tell the dogs goodbye before bed because the owners were coming after her bed time.  When they knocked on the door at 7:30pm, she was THRILLED to be able to run downstairs and say goodbye again. (7:30 is bed time, so she was still awake)
 (check out her curls!!!)
This is her good bye picture.  Two seconds after I snapped it, she broke down into full on sobs.  It was very sad to let the dogs go back home.  The silver lining is that we can go and visit them any time we want!

Goodbye Yorkies. 
(Cie-J would say Good Riddance!)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Elsa Braid:

Alanna is OBSESSED with all things Frozen.  She loves one of the main characters Elsa.  I have searched high and low for anything to do with Elsa.  There are no dolls.  No dresses, nothing!!  In fact, if you click on that link for her name, you will find that her 12" barbie size dolls are being sold for $40+.  It's nuts!!  Target has been sold out for weeks and Walmart hasn't had any since after Christmas.  After finding things on Etsy for over $100, I decided to take things into my own hands.  I bought one skein of yard, cut it into long strips, and then braided it to make "Elsa's braid" for Alanna.  She was THRILLED!  She wears this all day long and begs to sleep with it.  I feel so happy because it cost a total of $5 and about an hour of my time.  SCORE!