Thursday, December 12, 2013

Deep Thoughts From Alanna:

 Last night as I was laying in bed with Alanna, we had a conversation full of deep thoughts.

A: Mom, I've been thinking about some stuff...

Me: Okay, like what?

A: Well, I know there is a God team and a Devil team, and I know that God always wins...but HOW does he win?  Does God kick the devil or pinch him or what?

Me: Well, the Bible tells us that at the mention of the name of Jesus, the Devil and all his demons run away.

A: Mom, that is SO interesting!

Me:  It is!  We can just say the name of Jesus.  His name is very powerful and we don't have to be afraid!

A: Right!  And no one can take us out of His hand, right?

Me:  Yep!  We are safe inside of His hand!

A: So it's kind of like God is the shell and we are the snail, right?  The shell protects us and we can go inside if we get afraid.

Me: Now THAT is interesting!

This girl is a thinker.  She thinks things over and really tries to understand them.  I'm pretty sure she gets that from her daddy. =)

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