Friday, December 20, 2013

Kennedy's Birthday:

 Alanna's BFF in Vegas is Kennedy.  For her birthday party, her mom invited 3 girls to come and have manicures together and then out to eat.  These girls were squealing and giggling the whole time and each one had to have just the right amount of sparkles and glitter!!  That nail salon will never be the same.  HAHA.  The workers were talking as fast as they could in Vietnemese about us crazy moms, I'm sure.  One of them kept asking me, "you sure you don't want manicure too?"  They couldn't believe we were just there for the little girls I guess.
 They all chose different colors and sparkles and were SO PROUD of their choices!  Kiera (on the left) just turned six last week, then Alanna is 4, Kennedy is 6, and Bryn is 4.  They all get along so well.

 We ended the night at Mac Shack (a custom mac n cheese restaurant that is fully organic) and had a Rapunzel cake for dessert.  I think this is the way to go as far as parties are concerned and we might have to do the same next August for Alanna. (Plus it was a fun girls night out for us moms as well!!)

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