Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Elsa Braid:

Alanna is OBSESSED with all things Frozen.  She loves one of the main characters Elsa.  I have searched high and low for anything to do with Elsa.  There are no dolls.  No dresses, nothing!!  In fact, if you click on that link for her name, you will find that her 12" barbie size dolls are being sold for $40+.  It's nuts!!  Target has been sold out for weeks and Walmart hasn't had any since after Christmas.  After finding things on Etsy for over $100, I decided to take things into my own hands.  I bought one skein of yard, cut it into long strips, and then braided it to make "Elsa's braid" for Alanna.  She was THRILLED!  She wears this all day long and begs to sleep with it.  I feel so happy because it cost a total of $5 and about an hour of my time.  SCORE!

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