Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tea Party:

We were invited to a tea party at our friend Kennedy's house.  No reason.  She just wanted to have a tea party. =)  She planned it out to every last detail!
 First, they had tea, (kool-aid) and banana bread, and cookies.  It was adorable because they used a real tea pot and tea cups!  

***Funny side note***  
That night, Alanna was laying in bed and said "Awww Mom, I totally forgot to be fancy and hold up my pinky at the tea party!' Hahaha!
Then they sat outside and cut out paper dolls and taped them together. 
These girls were so proud of their dolls!  Alanna wore her fancy Elsa dress and cape and shoes and hair for the party.

Then they went upstairs to play a board game and run around.  And lastly, they braided friendship bracelets and vowed to NEVER take them off.  We are on day three and Alanna still has her on. =)

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