Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Circus!!

Our seats were perfect!  Front and Center and about 15 rows up!
This family of seven motocross performers got in this ball and all rode around together.  This was one of the best acts of the whole night!

 We really loved seeing all the animals. However, as we were driving into the stadium parking lot, we were greeted by a slew of PETA protesters and in your face posters.  It was really sad.  I do feel bad for the animals and I know that abuse can happen...not always, but I'm sure it has at some point.  I also know that there are rules and laws and that the circus regularly gets inspected.  I also hate to see a million people crying and sad about an elephant in a circus and then feel indifferent about all the babies being killed in this country every single day through abortion.  I care more about human babies.  Sad.  I'll step down from my soap box now...

Alanna was thrilled to get a small white tiger.  She named her Mia after one of the girl tigers in the circus show.
 Crazy side note...we almost saw a trainer get mauled by an angry tiger.  It was so scary.  I heard a lady praying behind me for the man.  Haha.  Turns out, I knew her from church!  I wasn't recording at that moment thankfully!
 This is a terrible picture, but it was Alanna's most favorite part of the whole circus.  It was a white horse with wings, a Pegasus, and a black horse with a golden horn, a Unicorn.  The ring master told everyone that they are real if you truly believe in your heart that they are.  Alanna gasped and said "I believe in my heart!! I knew it!!!!"  Sweet girl.
 I was really really sad to see this boy in the row in front of us.  He was at the circus...but chose to be on his tablet the whole time instead. =( 

The finale was so amazing!  We are so thankful to the veteran website that gave us these tickets!  Such a blessing to our family.  We took this picture and posted it to their website. =)

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