Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bible Verses:

Cie-J works with Alanna to memorize Bible verses almost every night.  It's been their "thing" since she was two years old.  They have about 36 verses that they have memorized together.  Cie-J asked me to pick up some note cards at the store one day, and that evening, he wrote each of the 36 verses on them and he asked Alanna to draw a picture on the other side of what that verse means to her.  I just love him.  He is a great leader for our family. <3  Alanna worked so hard to depict each verse and make them special.  One of them made me laugh SO HARD, so I had to share it.

The verse is...Romans 12:10 - "Love each other with brotherly affection.  Take delight in honoring one another."

Alanna drew her friend Jackson with a crown on his head and his mom April laying on the couch with baby Jacob in her tummy.  I asked Alanna why she drew this and she said "Well, Jackson has a brother named Jacob and they will love each other when he comes out.  Then, Jackson will wear a crown and everyone will honor him."  HA!  Makes sense to me!  So cute.

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