Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Little Swimmer:

 Alanna has been taking swimming lessons (thanks Mamaw!) and she has done an incredible job!  She went from being almost afraid of water, to swimming like a fish in about two months!
 The teachers are really great and have pushed her a lot.  But she has also practiced a ton and worked really hard.  She loves to kick and "make big circles" with her arms.  I love that I get to sit and watch her from the side.  If I dare be on my phone (taking pictures of course), she will yell across the pool "Mom, watch me!"  Silly girl.
I hate that it's 100% humid in that small inclosed pool though and it's usually 90 something degrees in there.  I seriously melt y'all.

I am just so proud of her!  I couldn't decide which video was better, so you get to see both!
You're welcome.

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