Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Da Potty - Good News, Bad News, & Funny News:

 The good news is - she is still going and still doing a great job!  She has the first three rows all filled up now!  YAY!!!
 The Bad News - She HATES to wear pull ups and begs for her diaper EVERY time.  We have tried every incentive in the book and it's a no go.

The Funny News - She was two stickers away from her star (prize) the other day and when I wasn't looking, she went in to the bathroom and peeled off a sticker from the line above and put it on the star.  Then she yelled for me to come and promptly told me that she needed her prize.  Little stinker!!


  1. That's SO funny! Have you tried panties I suppose? Bailey LOVES to get new panties. I mean, dora or princess, something she's really interested in.

  2. Yes, we let her go and pick out big girl panties but she only wants them on OVER her diaper. Go figure...