Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Funnies:

1.  Alanna likes to point out the obvious.  She does it at the worst of times though.  Behind us in line were several people...she pointed to the first man and said "boy glasses."  I said yes, honey, he is wearing glasses.  Then she pointed to the woman behind him and said "Lady mole!"  UGH!! (She points to daddy's mole on his chin and we laugh.  I can see that we need to stop that NOW!)

2.  While waiting at the chiropractor's office, (yes, we are there a lot!) she starts waiving her hand dramatically and said "Mommy, it's hot in here!"  But it sounded more like "mommy, iss hot in heeya"  It's was so funny but she sounded JUST like me.  I might be a tad dramatic and I think she is totally getting from me.

Have a nice weekend!!

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