Thursday, July 14, 2011

Little Hoosier:

Texas is a very VERY proud state and if you are not a Longhorn or Aggie you are not a 'true' Texan.  Cie-J and I couldn't care less about a certain football team so we are fairly neutral.  I guess since I own a pair of Longhorn pajama pants, I am a Longhorn fan.  Although I was born and raised a RAZORBACK fan so I think that's who I'll always identify with.

It's not so much that we are IU fans either, but we have LOTS of people in Indiana that we love.  Alanna got this cute little outfit from her Grammy and Grandpa in Indiana and she loves it.  We get lots of stares and comments when she wears it thoughAnd surprisingly, we've found a few fans a long the way.

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