Thursday, August 11, 2011

Alanna's Flowers:

Cie-J bought me flowers last week, and every time Alanna would see them, she would ask for "Lanna's flowers."  

So....a couple of days ago, he brought her home some flowers after work.  She was THRILLED!!

They are fake (for obvious reasons with a two year old) but she LOVED them.  He even sprayed them with some lavender oil so they would smell for her.
This just makes makes heart go 'awww' and melt.  He is such a good daddy to her and she is learning how a boy should treat her.  When she is MUCH MUCH MUCH older of course. HA!

As you can see, they had to go outside with her while she was swinging with daddy.  They also had to go in the bathroom while she pottied, in the kitchen while we ate, and in her room while she slept.  So sweet.

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