Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ready For Church:

I bought this outfit when Alanna was a year old and it just now fits.  She was too cute for words on Sunday. It cracks me up that her named was spelled out on her shirt, yet the nursery worker STILL spelled it wrong.  Oh well, I guess I asked for that since I messed with the traditional spelling.  I've seen "Alana, Alannah, Alanna, and Allana" all as spellings for her name.  Thankfully "Brown" isn't to difficult to mess up.

Alanna has been saying some really funny things lately and I want to be able to remember them all.  You think as a mom, that you will remember every little thing your child does, but you don't.  Shoot, I barely remember last month!  HA!
So, she says "okie" for yogurt still, she just recently started calling Mickey "got-gah" again just to be silly, and banana has become "bala".  Some of her favorite phrases are "all day long", "far away" and "for a minute".  For example, she might say "Mama, Alanna eat cheese all day long" or "The sky is far away" or "Alanna hold the keys for a minute."

She also says "hold you" when she wants me to hold her and when I say "no, it's hold me Alanna" she comes back with "hold you me!"  I love it.

Sometimes she says words or phrases together and doesn't realize they don't go together all of the time.  Like "bow hair" or "buckle seat".  She asks for a "bow hair" in her hair.  Or when we go grocery shopping, she wants me to "put buckle seat on" to buckle her in the cart.
Sorry, I know this turned out to be long and if you made it to the end, you get a gold star!  It's probably kind of boring by now, but I just want to document this fun stage in our lives so we don't forget it!
 P.S. Tomorrow she will OFFICIALLY be two.  WOW.

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