Thursday, September 15, 2011


Alanna started asking for a bike 3 or 4 months before her birthday.  Every time we saw a bike or went to the store, she made a big to-do over them and made sure that we knew that "Lanna WANTA bike!"
Nana and Papa got her a bike for her birthday, and while she was napping on the day of her party, we all sat down and put it together.  Yes, I said ALL of us because it takes 4 grown adults to put together a child's bike!   Anywho, this picture above is of her seeing it for the first time.  She woke up and came toddling in the living room with her bed head and kitty cat.  She was SOOO surprised!! 
She had to sit down on Nana's lap and patiently wait for us to get it done.  She kept saying "bike" over and over.  She couldn't wait to get on it.
 It took a few days for her to learn how to pedal it forward, but now there is no stopping her.  She is an official bike rider! 


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