Thursday, September 8, 2011

Birthday Pictures FINALLY:

I hate it when I take the time to write out a whole blog and then it doesn't post!!
GRRR!!!  Anyway...
I finally got Alanna's birthday pictures from the photographer! They are great!  I will probably take two days to post all about it.

The table decorations came out really cute and just how I wanted them too, and the cotton candy was the treat we sent home with the kiddos at the end of the party.  SO FUN!

 Alanna just played and played and played.  She loved being at the park with all her friends.  She just seemed to bounce from one thing to another and couldn't stay at one place for very long.  She was so overwhelmed.

I spent  A LOT of time making these cute Minnie Mouse ears for the party and wouldn't you know, Alanna would have NOTHING to do with them!  Figures.  At least her sweet little friends looked adorable in them!



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