Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cookie Monster:

We made some peanut butter cookies while Nana and Papa were here and Alanna was SO excited for the whole process.  I've just recently let her start getting a chair and "help" me in the kitchen with cooking and stirring and such.  Sometimes I'll let her stir or pour something in the bowl, but most of the time it's just watching.
 She couldn't help but wait by the oven for the cookies to be done. Not done yet...
 Nope, not yet Alanna.  She really wanted a cookie!
It only took 12 minutes for them to bake, but that's like 500 hours in toddler time.

And finally, when the cookies were done...and of course they had to cool (torture!)...Alanna got to savor SPIT IT RIGHT BACK OUT because she ended up hating them!  Poor girl!!

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