Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Three Random Things:

#1.  I told Alanna I wanted to take a picture of her crazy hair after her bath.  I love how curly it gets.  She said "Can I make a crazy face too?"  I guess this is her idea of a crazy face. =)

#2.  One morning a few days ago, Alanna told me that she was going to be the big mommy that day and that I was going to be the little girl.  Then she said "Now hand over that boobie sack!"  Oh. My. Word.  I laughed so hard. 

#3.  The other day we saw a picture of a lobster and Alanna asked what it was.  When I said it was a lobster, she said "Oh, well, it looks like a hotdog with arms!"  HAHA!  No idea.  Anyway, then we were grocery shopping and went to the fish deli and they had some lobster tails next to the fish.  Alanna loudly yelled "OH NO!!!  WHERE ARE THEIR PINCHERS?!?!?!" She had tears in her eyes for those lobsters.  
Sweet girl.

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