Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bed Time Fun:

In our house, we try to make bedtime a quick and easy routine.  Miss Alanna always has other ideas though.  She NEEDS a drink, to go potty, to tell the dog good night AGAIN, another kiss, another hug, to blow her nose, her jammies are to get the idea.  I'm really good at saying no and getting her to bed, but a couple of nights ago, she asked to take some pictures before bed.  I couldn't resist.  She won't be three forever and I LOVE to capture this fun time in our lives.

 By the way, she took all of these herself.
Funny story about the dog later this week.
She LOVES this dog.
This is my most favorite expression Alanna makes!  This is the face I see when family comes to visit.  The face I see when daddy comes home from work.  The face I see when she is proud of her work.  I love this sweet girl.

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