Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Funnies:

So, awhile back, I shared this picture of Alanna in the park with her friend Caleb.  Notice that she has capri pants on with a heavy coat.  AND her shirt was sleeveless.  She INSISTED on wearing this outfit to the park even though it was windy and about 45 degrees.  I couldn't talk her out of it, so I decided to let her see what the natural consequences would be.  I told her, "When we get to the park you will be cold and whine to me and all I'm gonna say is 'I'm sorry Alanna'."  I secretly put her coat in the car and we left.  She put on a brave face and played for a good five minutes before coming to me and crying "Mommy, please say you're sorry now.  PLEASE mom, just say you're sorry now.  I'm cold!!!!"  
HAHA!  Little toot!

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