Thursday, February 14, 2013

Penny: Alanna's Best Dog:

Alanna calls my friend Beth's dog Penny, her BEST dog.  Forget that she has her own dog at home.  Forget that Nana and Papa have a favorite little lap dog Nickie, too.  Even cousin Savannah's little Yorkie Tucker (who used to be ours) can't compete with Penny.  She really is her best dog.  We go to see her at least once a week.  Some days Alanna cries when it's time to leave because she will miss Penny.  From the moment we walk in the door, Alanna takes this position on the couch and Penny jumps up and lays on herIt's their routine.  They both know it well.  And before we leave, Alanna gets to give Penny three small bacon treatsThank goodness my friend Beth is on board with this "best dog" thing, because she sees us A LOT! 

Poor Penny in this picture seems to be screaming for help with her eyes, but I promise she loves Alanna just as much as Alanna loves her.  Haha.

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