Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Daddy's Makeover:

Cie-J has mint green and sparkly purple toes now.  He secretly loves to get his toes painted, so he usually lets Alanna do it whenever she asks. =)  He also doesn't read my blog...haha!

This picture is just so crazy for several reasons...
I was soaking in a relaxing bath while this great make over was happening.  All of a sudden, everyone barges in to show me what had been happening outside the door.  Alanna had taken some of my eye shadow (!) and a brush (!) and "painted" daddy's face.  They were both so proud of what they did and all I wanted was a twenty minute bath.  HAHA!  This picture is in my master bath and I was taking the picture from the tub!  Oh the life of a mom!

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