Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dualing Dinner:

As soon as Cie-J walked in the door from work, Alanna requested that they play "the monkey game" together.  It's a silly app that Cie-J downloaded and now has all of us hooked on.  You basically team up to pop as many balloons as you can.  The way you pop them is by buying monkeys that throw darts.  Thus the reason why Alanna calls it "the monkey game". (more than you ever wanted to know, I'm sure)

They sat on the couch and played while I was finishing up dinner.  I put our plates on the table and sat down.  Their round wasn't over.  I went and made us all a drink.  They still weren't done.  We make it a rule to not watch TV or do anything at dinner time.  But.....they HAD to win at the monkey game!!  I was just cracking up watching them eat and play.  Alanna couldn't even take her eyes away for a second!

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