Thursday, October 2, 2014

Home School Week 4:

We LOVE doing science experiments!!
We studied all about volcanoes and learned how to tell if they are active, dormant, or extinct.  We got to make our own dough volcano and Alanna got to pour the vinegar into the volcano and make it explode. We ended up doing it like three or four times. =)
 Alanna's best friend Sarah and her little sister Rachel are using the same kindergarten curriculum as we are, so we get together every week to do science together.  (tell me again how unsocialized home schoolers are?!? HAHA!)  Notice the mason jars behind the girls.  They got to dig up some dirt from the back yard and mix it with water.  We shook the jars up and learned that dirt always separates into the same layers.  The top layer is hummus. (dead leaves and bugs)  The middle layer is clay.  The next layer is sand.  And the bottom layer is rocks.  We found out that Las Vegas has a lot of clay and a lot of sand in our soil.
This week, we were also studying the Romans and their culture and history.  We discovered that they would eat their meals laying down on big pillows and they would pass around a little bowl of water to wash their utensils in.  (their fingers! HA!)  The kids loved eating this way!  They ate bread and meat and raisins and fruit just like the Romans did.  We decided to forgo the stuffed dormice and roasted pigeons though. ;)  Their absolute favorite part was getting to burp loudly at the end!  That was a complement to the host that they served a good meal.  BUUUUUURRRRRRPPPPP!!

Homeschool Rocks!

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