Thursday, October 9, 2014

Home School Week 5:

For science, we made a container garden!  This flower will never need watering...which is excellent news for my black thumb!  We learned that plants get water through their roots and lose it through their leaves.  It is trapped inside the bottle and trickles down so the plant can use it again and again!
We also tested this idea by putting a dry cleaning bag over a plant to trap the water that it gets rid of through its leaves.  After a couple of hours, we could see the water droplets on the plastic!  It's one thing to read a science book.  It's another to SEE it for yourself!

We've been studying about the desert this week too, so we made our own cactus!  It took over an hour to make this salt dough and put tiny pieces of spaghetti noodles all over it.  Such fun!
Homeschool Rocks!

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