Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday...

Now I get it!

I totally understand why parents don't get to sleep for the first six months (or more!) of their newborn's life.

It's because they grow SO fast and if you sleep you will miss it all.  See....
I had this.  She was tiny and smushy and cute and little.    ( I can say smushy cause it's MY blog.)

But then I started sleeping through the night and suddenly I have THIS...

Where did the time go???  I think all this sleeping is making the time fly faster!

She can recognize 4 colors, knows about 50 words, can sign around 10 words, and she has 12 teeth! 

Good gracious...she was just born a few months ago, right?!?  RIGHT?!?

I am going to try to pin my eyelids back tonight so I won't sleep.  I want to try to be awake forever.  She is just growing WAY too fast and I'm afraid we will be rushing her down the aisle before I know it.  EEK!

I must stop this.  It's insanity.  

I think for now we will just continue trying to master the fork and spoon.

Something Super:  A good friend of mine is about to have her baby girl.  I can't wait to meet you Sophia!
Something Rotten:  My dog's breath.  WOW.

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