Tuesday, October 19, 2010

WHY WHY WHY Wednesday!!

Why oh why won't my child go to sleep?!?
She WILL NOT go to bed at night anymore without a huge fight.  
Isn't this supposed to come around the terrible twos or threes?!?
She signs to me that she wants a drink. 
Then she signs that she wants food.  
Then she says "mow mama" meaning 'more food'. 
But is she really hungry or is this just a tactic to stay awake?  AHHH!  
One hundred points to the person that can email me and tell my WHY!
Ok.  Rant over.
I will leave you with a blurry picture of Monkey holding her dog and kitty.
She loves them.
Something Super:  It's MOPS day...YAY!!
Something Rotten:  No more Teen Mom....Boo.

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