Sunday, December 19, 2010

Monkey Monday...

I was busy dying last week and couldn't blog.

Thankfully, Alanna and I are on the mend and feeling much better now.  

Alanna was able to skype with her Mamaw in Indiana this weekend and opened her Christmas presents with her watching.

She opened her first present one tiny little rip at a time.  By the second gift, she had figured out how to rip the paper and get to her present!!

 She got all kinds of fruits and veggies and a big shopping cart to put them in!

I love that she's blurry in this picture because it shows how fast she was running with her new shopping cart!!!

She also got a little tea set (that she LOVES!) and a new sweater (that I LOVE!)

Thank you Mamaw!!!

Today I am thankful for antibiotics!

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