Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Broccoli, Celery:

Yesterday, Alanna and I were at the grocery store, and the cashier commented to her how cute she was.  She then asked how old she was and Alanna promptly held up one finger and shouted "TWO!"  

She then asked what her name was and Alanna (out of nowhere) shouts out "CELERY!"  WHAT?!?!  I couldn't believe what she had said, so I asked her what her name was.  She told me "Celery" too.  She wasn't even cracking a smile.  She was SO serious!  At the end of the transaction, the cashier gave Alanna her Buddy Bucks (for a little machine at the door that gives stickers) and she said "here you go Celery."  Alanna said "thanks" like it was no big deal.  HAHA!  I don't think I'll be running to change the birth certificate or anything, but for now...my sweet girl is CELERY!


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