Thursday, October 20, 2011

Curly Sue:

 Ever since we found out I was having a girl, my dad was anxious to get his hands on her hair.  Not that she has an abundance...but we finally have something and Papa had his chance!
He took her out and bought her some teeny tiny little curlers and rolled her hair up while she was eating dinner one night.
 I was in shock that she left them in!  She really liked them actually.  It was just cracking me up how she looked like a little old lady sitting there.  You just don't see people in curlers very much anymore.
 And now Papa has TWO girls with hair to play with!

Alanna is proud to announce that her little cousin Lydia was born last weekend!!  We got to skype with her yesterday and she is just a perfect little doll.  We can't wait to see her and hold her!!!
 Isn't she a doll?  

WELCOME to the family sweet girl!

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  1. That's our sweet little girl! She can't wait to meet her Auntie Em, Uncle Cie-J, and cousin Alanna.