Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Funnies:

So, I bought some fun little rice snacks at Target last week and it's called "Pirate's Booty."
The whole family is nutso over them.  
They are delicious.  
I highly recommend you go to your nearest Target and get some.

Sunday night, Alanna was begging for a snack right around her bedtime.  Her daddy told her that it was bed time and not snack time, but she wailed and cried "Daddy, I want booty PLEEEEEEASE!  Lanna NEEEEEEDS booty! "  We both were crying from laughing so hard.  I guess we never really paid much attention to the name until it came out of our two year old's mouth.  Can you just imagine THAT ONE coming out at church or in the doctor's office or something?!?!

Her daddy also asked her after church on Sunday morning what she had learned that day.  She said "God made me."  Then she quickly added "God made you too."  We were both so proud of her.  Cie-J then asked "And Alanna, who is Lord?" expecting her to say "Jesus."  She came right back with "Lord of the Beans!!!" (that's a veggie tale movie she has that is a play on the the Lord of the Rings trilogy)  So funny that girl of ours.  After we all laughed at her comment, she said "Lanna cracks Lanna up!"

Happy Friday!!

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