Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kittens and Mittens:

 My child might be a camera ham.

We took a trip to target recently and when she saw these kitten mittens and hat, she had to have them.  The good news is, it's been cold enough in the mornings here to actually wear the hat several times.
Time to report on Alanna's eating again...

On Sunday we went to IHOP and she had an omelet, two strips of turkey bacon, and a whole bowl of fruit!  That's nuts!!

When Mamaw was here, she bought us filet mignon and Alanna got her very own steak.  We weren't sure how much she would eat, but to our surprise, she ate the whole thing!!!  I'm not joking either.  A whole 3/4 inch thick steak!

One night last week, I made tacos and black beans.  Alanna had a whole taco and 4 helpings of black beans.  THEN she had chips and guacamole. (which she calls "broccoli-mole")
This child is not afraid of food and knows how to eat.  I am convinced that she is going through another growth spurt.  Thankfully she chooses good healthy food over junk food.  Hopefully it will stay a trend for her as she gets older.

However, at church, one of her teachers gave her a donut (they didn't ask us first or we would have said no) and she has been begging for more donuts EVERY DAY since then.  Every. Single. Day.  When we see them in Wal-Mart, she screams out "LOOK DONUTS!!!!"  Her daddy told her they were gross donuts and that we didn't want them.  She quickly replied "no daddy, those donuts are YUMMY!" 
Oh my.  

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