Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mean Truck Hit Mommy's Car:
Saturday afternoon, Alanna and I were in a collision.  THANK GOD for his protection, because we walked away from it mostly unscathed. 

 My poor sweet girl bit through her bottom lip and the air bags gave me a little burn on my arm.  Come to find out, we both had necks that needed to be adjusted by the chiropractor and I may have a pinched nerve.  
BUT....all those things can be fixed and a new car can be bought!  People can't be replaced.  Look at this picture about again...look at how the air bags ripped up my entire dash!  I was shocked.  The steering wheel was just as torn up.  I'm just glad to know that they really work when needed!!
The other guy lost his entire back axle!  Thankfully they weren't hurt either. (even though it WAS his fault)

We are just hoping that the insurance works with us and we are able to find a new car quickly.  
Oh the joys of being a grown up...

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