Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Alanna's Family Birthday Celebration:

So we did the big birthday party in Texas, but we wanted to do something for Alanna on her actual day of birth.  We decided to have a day of fun.
 It started with lunch at In N Out burger.  We've heard about this place for years and now we finally had our chance to try it out.  To be honest, it was good.  It was great actually...but I like Five Guys better.

Then we took her to see a *REAL* mermaid!  This was her absolute favorite part of the day.  Maybe even her life.  She was amazed and would still be there now if we would have left her. =D  The sweet girl made such a big deal over Alanna because I'm sure she could see the sparkle and wonder in her eyes.  Below, you can see the heart that she made her.
 She also blew her several kisses and Alanna was sending hugs and kisses right back.  I wish I would have gotten the look on her face.  

As we were leaving she said "Mom, I really think that was the REAL Ariel!  And she loves me!"  The bad news is, if you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, she no longer says a chiropractor. She wants to be a mermaid!  Oh! Mercy! 
Then we took her to Circus Circus on the strip!  The gas and water was still not hooked up to our house, so we rented a room there too.  She LOVES staying in hotels!  That alone would have been an amazing gift to her.  LOL!

She was so excited to ride this huge carousel.  
Then she wanted to ride the ferris wheel.  She has never done anything like that before and I just had no idea how she would do with heights and motion.  We all three rode it together and she loved every second of it.
Next she saw this whirl around ride and I REALLY got nervous.  She insisted that she wanted to do it, but I just had visions of her screaming and them having to stop the ride for her to get off.
She and daddy loaded up and gave me two thumbs up.  I was so scared for her.  She had no clue what she was getting into!  

Boy, was I wrong!  She laughed and squealed and rode with both of her hands up the entire time!!  As soon as the ride stopped, she said 'Let's do it again!"
(Please excuse my giggling in this video.  I was just so excited to see the sheer joy on Alanna's face.)
Next up was a kiddie roller coaster and she was over the moon excited!  As soon as it was over, she asked to go on the BIG roller coaster that flipped around and went upside down.  When she found out that she was too little she was COMPLETELY disgusted!  The good news is, she will eat ANY veggie or healthy thing I put on her plate once I remind her that it will help her grow big enough to ride the BIG roller coaster!  SCORE!  Haha.
I was so amazed that my child had ZERO fear.

Lastly, we saw this...and my heart stopped!
This thing would go up and then drop and then go up and then drop.  I just felt like she looked so little on it.  Why would they drop babies?  These poor little children!  I held my breathe as I recorded it.
(Again, please excuse my high pitched giggle.  I was just in shock and so excited that my sweet girl was having so much fun.)
We stayed until the amusement park shut down!  It was a blast and I am so happy that we were able to do this for her birthday.  It is definitely memories that I will never forget.

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