Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Funnies:
Alanna sent a picture to Nana and Papa of her eating some chicken off of the bone. (It was her first time ever.)  A couple of days later, they send a picture back of them holding drum sticks and eating it off the bone.  She thought it was so fun!  A couple of days ago, she said, "Take a picture of me using these chopsticks and see if Nana and Papa will send a picture back to me using chopsticks too."  Then she got a puzzled look and said "Wait, do they even have chopsticks in Arkansas?!?!?!"  HAHAHAHA!

Yesterday, Nana sent this picture of a fuzzy caterpillar to Alanna and told her that she would sent it to her to take to the Nature Exchange.  Alanna looked at my phone, looked at me, and then said "Why would Nana put a mustache in a bag and send it to me?"  LOL!!!!!!

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