Monday, September 1, 2014

Opening Gifts: From the Grandparents

 Opening gifts with Nana and Papa on skype.

 These minions came from Guatemala and they are from Uncle Joe!

Next we opened gifts from Mamaw and Papaw Salt:

 We didn't get to skype with Papaw, because he was out on the road in his truck. =(  But we did get to see Asha!  Alanna always loves to see her. =)

ALSO....we got a package in the mail from Grammy and Grandpa in Florida.  We didn't get to skype with them because their computer has been down, but it was the most beautiful dress that is pink and purple.  Alanna's favorite colors!!  She wants to wear it for her first day of Kindergarten, and I promise to post a picture. =)

Thanks SO much to all the grandparents for such fun gifts!!

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