Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Home School Week 3-4:

 While studying a unit on weather, we made a windsock so that Alanna could see which way the wind was blowing each day.  We also made a tornado in a bottle and rainbow on the wall.  Alanna also learned about all 4 kinds of clouds and drew each one.  Fun stuff!!  Daddy had fun with this week because he has a weather degree. =)
 We practice cutting to work on her fine motor skills.  She was very proud of her rainbow ice cream cone.
 Alanna's favorite subject so far is math!  She begs to do it and we usually end up doing 2-3 lessons a day!  Can you believe that?  I would have NEVER guessed!!
The things I have discovered since becoming my child's teacher, is that she is a doodler!  She loves to draw and doodle all the time.  Look at the circles in her math book!  HAHA!

We love school and look forward to it each day.  
4 weeks down, 32 to go! 

Homeschool Rocks!

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