Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What I HATE Wednesday...

I'm changing it up a bit today.  
Usually it's what I LOVE on Wednesdays but today it's what I HATE.
Footy pajamas are completely adorable on children.
In fact, some days I can't get enough and let Alanna stay in them until lunch time.  Shhh...don't tell. 
See....completely and adorably scrumptious.  

Footy pajamas for adults???
Just plain CREEPY!!!

I HATE these.  

Dear Target, 
I have always thought you were the coolest store.  But seeing these today made me wonder if you are loosing your cool points.  Please get rid of these pronto. 


Let me leave you with a cute little picture of Alanna so  you won't have nightmare of the last one I posted. (shiver)


Today I am thankful for Christmas lights.  Everyone in Texas does 'em up big!

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