Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Credit Card At 19 Months:

Alanna and I go and get the mail every day after lunch.  This is a fun mini field trip for her because she can hear the birds, see the neighbors dog through the fence, find pecans in the yard, and usually get a letter in the mail.  (She gets all the junk mail - HA!)

A couple of days ago, I got a credit card offer in the mail, but it wasn't just any credit card, it was a DISNEY credit card.  Alanna immediately noticed through the plastic window on the envelope that GOT GAH was on it!  She really got some special mail just for her!  I couldn't get it out fast enough!! 

This is just a cardboard piece of...well, trash, but this girl has slept with it, taken it to her class and keeps it in her purse. (oh boy, that's another blog all together) 

Thank you CHASE for sending me this piece of junk mail that would have gone straight to the trash.  You made Alanna's day  week  LIFE!!


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