Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fun Day In The Sun: PART 2

We have two huge pecan trees in our back yard.  I do not have the patience to collect them, crack them, and eat/bake with them, so we just leave them in the yard for the squirrels. They LOVE us. (except when I let the dog out to chase them) Any time people come to visit, we let them go and pick up as many as they can carry back home.

Well, mowing season is upon us here in Texas.  The hubby and I realized that having the pecans in our yard and trying to mow over them could be dangerous.  SOOOOO......

 Alanna and I have made a game of collect pecans from the yard.  SHE LOVES IT!  I'm done after about 10-15 minutes but she says "come on mommy, MORE!"

 Once she is done finding pecans, she stars throwing rocks in the bucket.  I have to remind her we are only putting nuts in the bucket.  Our bucket is already a fourth of the way what to do with them?!?!?!

 I asked Alanna if she was having fun out side and she looked up at me and grinned and said "Fun, mommy, fun!"

 I just love her. <3 <3 <3
 Look!  It's Minnie!

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  1. I wish I lived by you! LOL! You don't know HOW expensive pecans are here! LOL! Whenever I go to buy them for baking/cooking, I nearly die at the price! ;)