Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Funnies:

We were at the mall playing when all of a sudden, Alanna needed her diaper changed.  I avoid public restrooms at all costs, but since we were there to change a diaper, I figured I'd just go quickly too.  This was our first time in a stall together in a public bathroom.  

As soon as I get the door shut, the lady in the stall next to us lets out a toot.  It is obvious that she is pooping.  Alanna looks at me and yells out "EWWW, YUCK, POO POO!!!!!"  I could have died.  I can hear snickers coming from the other women in the bathroom.

At this point, I just try to sit down and pee as fast as I can so we can leave.  Once I am positioned perfectly, Alanna decides to look under the stall next to us and to say hi to the pooping lady!!  AHH!
First of all, I'm a the fact that my daughter is on her hands and knees on the mall bathroom floor is enough to make me hyperventilate.  But she is now staring at and talking to the lady she just embarrassed.  

I really just wanted to sit in that stall and wait for everyone to leave before we came out, but I also wanted to get her out and wash her hands.  

I don't think we'll try the mall bathroom again anytime soon.

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