Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I found this awesome website that tells you where and how to get free deals.  This thing is legit too.

I looked through all the birthday deals and SOOO many restaurants will send you coupons for free meals, desserts, and $$$ off on your birthday.
I signed up for 5 of them.  I am hoping I won't have to pay for one thing on my birthday! HA!

So, here it is...check it out.  Kinda neat.

A lot of them will let you sign up a spouse or child too.  WHOO!

And just for good measure...I'll leave you with a picture of my child.  She's getting so big.  I say that a lot but it's because she's literally growing up before my eyes.  It's crazy how fast time is going.
Ok...gotta stop or I could start crying.


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