Thursday, May 26, 2011

1, 2, 3, Awwwwwww:

Alanna ALWAYS sleeps with "Mao" and her "pee-yo."  She holds him tight (I don't know why, but we've assigned a gender to Mao) like this and I just love it. 

Just recently she has started asking me to put a blanky on her and tuck her in.  So cute.

 Yes, that is a binky you see in her mouth.  She still gets it at night only.  I'm hoping to have it completely gone by her 2nd birthday.  I'm just gonna have to do it cold turkey and I'm not looking forward to it!  UGH!

 And yes, she is still in her crib.  I don't see a need to change it if it still works for her.  She loves her crib and I am not ready to have her mobile at night just yet.  LOL!

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