Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pioneer Days:

San Angelo has "Pioneer Days" as a weekend event each year.  They have lots of old time things on display, reenactments, animals, and native plants for sale. It was very interesting and we ended up buying two plants.
 True to form, Alanna didn't care one thing about this old stage coach and yelled "dog" and barked instead!

 They had several big steers there and one that the kids could sit on and get pictures with.  Alanna wanted to sit on it when we asked her, but then QUICKLY changed her mind and said "No, down, down!"
She was content to pet it instead.  She also Moo'd at it really loudly. =)

 It REALLY cracked her up every time the sheep would baa.  Like loud giggles and snorting.  We got to see one get it's hair shaved off too.  Sorry for the butt shot.  It's all I could get.

 We also got to see a cow being milked.  Of course Alanna said "yuck!"  Who knows what her little one year old mind was thinking.
 Lastly, we got to see some horses.  Alanna thought they were cows and was mooing.  Such a fun day.


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