Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mommy, Yanna Do It:

Some of my friends laugh at me because I'm a "helicopter mom."  That means I hover over Alanna, trying to make sure she's safe.  I guess it's a first time mom thing.

So we were at the park a couple of days ago and I walked on to the big playground with Alanna and walk up to the slide with her. (as usual)  She stopped me and put her little hand in the air and said 'Mommy, Yanna (Alanna) do it!"  I CANNOT BELIEVE MY CHILD TOLD ME SHE COULD DO IT HERSELF!

Well, HERE is the proof that I stayed at the top and didn't help her AT ALL while she went down the slide.  Such a big girl!

But then...my big girl wanted to go on the BIG BIG slide all by herself too.   Yes, I said big twice because it is just that big.  My heart stopped.
The black platform is over my head.  EEK!!!
But I let her do it.  I put her up there and told her to sit on her bottom and wait.  I ran back down to the bottom and snapped a quick picture and then caught her.  She did it!

 I was so proud of her!  But I NEVER want to do it again.  HAHA!  Here are a couple more cute pictures...just for fun.

 She was so excited to sit on a big swing by herself.  I guess I'm gonna have to get used to this "Yanna do it" thing.  I was the same way.

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  1. She totally gets it from you. You were my "me do it" girl!