Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our smart little girl:

Alanna is funny and so smart.  I know...I'm her mama so I am totally biased.  It's just so neat to see how her little brain works though.

#1 - Every time we buy milk at the store (or even pass by it for that matter) she says "Milk" and then "Moo!"  So cool that she knows it's from a cow!

#2 - Yesterday we were at the vet and a big yellow lab was in the waiting room with us.  Alanna pointed at it and said "puppy."  I told her it was not a puppy because it was big.  She thought about it for a second and then said "dog?"  So neat that she figured that out on her own.

#3 - Asha, our dog, had to be put out yesterday to get her teeth cleaned. When we picked her up, she had a bandage on her leg where the IV had been.  Alanna saw her and said "OH NO!  Asha wowie" and then she blew a kiss to it.  So sweet.

#4 - I was telling her goodnight last night and giving her a hug when she tooted rather loudly.  She said "oh, shoo" and it CRACKED ME UP!  She is 20 months old!  HAHA!


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