Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Funnies:

Alanna is still obsessed with the idea of having a little sister.  She prays for one everyone night.  I have to remind her that it's up to God what happens, but today I told her that it's also up to me and daddy.  She came up with a great idea to just wait until the baby came out of my tummy for us to tell daddy about it.  HAHA!  I told her it can't work that way.  She could not understand why and kept saying that it was a GREAT plan and that daddy would love the baby as soon as she came out.  I finally told her that daddy would have to help put a baby inside of my tummy and that blew her mind.  She of course said....'But how?  How does he put it in there?  How does that happen mom?"  Oh hole.....not ready to discuss that......

Thankfully, I told her we'd discuss it later and she was fine with that answer.  WHEW!

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